27 February 2011

Homeier debuts a new idea in ventilation

Check this out.

Those three things are functioning as a ventilation hood. It's a really neat idea. Each of those three towers, for lack of a better term,  is 560mm tall and 180mm wide, is attached to the counter, rotates 270 degrees, and uses a remote blower to do the actual ventilating.

What I'm showing you here is the Alia from Homeier and it represents something really new in ventilation. The Alia towers can be combined  in groups of two, three, four or five, depending on the need. Kitchen pros, here's the spec sheet.

I can see using these on an island as an alternative to dropping a hood from the ceiling. Their height would make them more effective than a pop up extractor and that the individual units rotate just adds to that effectiveness. Great idea Homeier. What do you guys think?


  1. You're surely kidding thinking this is a good idea? What client would want to sacrifice the counter space for this lame idea? At least the Gaggenau telescopic vent that's been around for 20 years retracts.Furthermore who would want these 3 towers on their counters?????


  2. I love it when people hide behind an anonymous registration to be critical.

    These towers fit in the gap behind a cooktop, space that's unusable anyhow. The Gaggenau telescope suffers from the same problem pop ups and downdrafts do, it doesn't work very well. These towers are tall enough to actually work. In an open, modern kitchen design, these towers would work when the designer doesn't want to ruin a sight line by dropping a hood from the ceiling.

  3. I won't hide behind the anonymous tag Paul. I don't like them either, but not quite as much as our friend. I'm a function guy when it comes to the kitchen, and these things lack anything to capture the fumes. I like that they are adjustable which could help out.

    But what I find surprising is how on the one hand you talk about not ruining the site lines with a canopy fan, but on the other you'd install the twin (triplet) towers from Lord of the Rings. I'd file these under "an answer for a question nobody asked".

  4. Really? Am I the only one who likes these things?

  5. Comprehending what they're trying to do but must admit I'm not fond of them either -- at least until Arne brought up The Lord of the Rings reference. Now I want to design a Two Towers kitchen.

  6. I was thinking of the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  7. Honestly, if it means sacraficing an inch of counter space I'm afraid I would have to have to vote 'thumbs down'. -Brenda-

  8. Ooops, typo correction 'sacr i ficing' -Brenda-

  9. As I sit here pretending not to notice the disorder around me (we just moved), all I can think about with these is keeping them clean,especially as they pivot. Sorry, attempting to keep them clean, as I think about a spillage and that nice shiny ring at the base. A No from me as well. They also remind me less of the monoliths and more of the Jawas' Sandcrawler.


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