21 February 2011

Sensational Scavolini

One of the runaway hits at the Interior Design Show in Toronto last month was the debut of Tetrix, a new kitchen collection from Italian manufacturer Scavolini. Tetrix is the handiwork of design Michael Young and he was in Toronto to announce the debut.

In Tetrix, Scavolini decreased the number of sizes while increasing the number of options available in each cabinet. The result is a kitchen program that's even more customizable that it would be otherwise.

The Tetrix doors are available in a wide variety of colors and every door and drawer front is actually covered in fingerprint-proof etched glass. The glass is perfectly flush mounted and the entire line's been designed and engineered to work without additional hardware.

Tetrix is available in North America and and if you find yourself in New York, stop in the Scavolini showroom on West Broadway in Soho. Daniele and the rest of the staff there would be delighted to show you the line and the rest of the kitchens available from Scavolini.


  1. Ummm... Awesome!

    What a great idea for cabinetry, the ability to create multiple planes is always welcome in a designer's arsenal. I love it Paul.

    Incidentally, I'm currently working on creating a tetris-style mosaic for a manufacturer right now. Perfect backsplash for this no?

  2. While I love Scavolini's integrated cabinetry I don't get the low cabinets - is that a bench, a booster to reach the high shelf or just a design element? I'd be falling over/bumping into it several times a day

  3. That would be perfect Ryan. I'd love to see it. I'm sure Scavolini would too.

    Jane: It's all three. I have a feeling though that the set-up shown in those publicity stills is just a design element.

  4. My question is, where is a good place to put a microwave oven in a kitchen like this? I never see them in these streamlined designs.

  5. Love it! I'm looking forward to my trip in a couple weeks. Thanks for the intro to Daniele.

  6. Adele: The microwave's to the left of the oven in the bank of tall, red cabinets. In these kinds of designs, it's nearly always built into a tall cabinet.

    Gloria: When are you headed up to New York? Did Daniele give you his contact info when we were talking to him?


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