17 May 2010

Twitter and the art of public image management

The Moggit Girls are an internationally famous and highly influential blogging duo. They're also terrific friends of this blog. One of these days when I stop mocking HGTV, Joy and Janet will help me land a development deal similar to theirs. Here's one of their highlights:

These two make me sound reserved.

Anyhow, Joy and Janet live in a kitchen I'd imagine looks something like this. And one day they were on Twitter and they weren't saying very nice things about their refrigerator.

moggitgirls: My Viking fridge shoulda been a vacuum, 'cuz it SUCKS. 12:14 PM Apr 22nd

Paul_Anater: @moggitgirls: Shouldda talked to me before you bought it! Apr 22 2010, 13:08

moggitgirls: @Paul_Anater: It (Viking fridge) leaks water from the bottom freezer drawer - how is that even possible?! 1:54 PM Apr 22nd
We went back and forth with the saga of the leaky fridge a few more times when I remembered that Viking's on Twitter now and since they were already following me, this would be a perfect opportunityto test the power of Twitter. Unhappy, well-known, outspoken luxury good consumers are a potential PR nightmare and on Twitter that's even more true. Viking was relatively new to Twitter and that they hadn't responded to the Moggit's and my thread. As the day went on, another good friend of this blog, Cheryl Clendenon,  joined in to discuss this leaky fridge. I decided to take matters into my own hands.
@Paul_Anater: Hey @moggitgirls, @VikingRange is on Twitter, let's ask them.
Apr 22 2010, 14:22
Still nothing from Viking, so I jumped in with both feet.
@Paul_Anater: Hey @VikingRange, meet @moggitgirls. @moggitgirls, meet @VikingRange. Discuss. Apr 22 2010, 15:11
That was a little obvious and I didn't mean to embarrass them. Really. So I sent them the following:
@VikingRange Sorry if I put you on the spot there. Maybe you and @moggitgirls can DM your way to a solution. Apr 22 2010, 15:43
Viking jumped on the situation and sent a technician over to the Moggit Girls' no doubt glamorous home. It's important to note that the Viking fridge in question is five years old and had been "fixed" repeatedly during those five years to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Over the last four or so weeks, I received periodic updates from the Moggit Girls and Viking was making good on their promise to deal with the leaky fridge.

Finally, I received the following yesterday:
@moggitgirls: @Paul_Anater --Got my fridge fixed! Price paid - $0.00. Yay! 10:25am, May 16
Bravo Viking and good job Moggit Girls. As I said right after I made the introductions,
@Paul_Anater: @VikingRange @moggitgirls --Behold the power of Twitter!
Apr 22 2010, 16:05


  1. Seriously, what did we do before twitter? ;)

  2. I wonder that same thing all the time. Oh, and that sponge painting video you two did deserves an Emmy. Hilarious.

  3. How interesting! That's awesome!

  4. Thanks so much for the introduction, the education and the recognition!

  5. Thanks for your comment and welcome to K&RD Blayne!

    Viking: You guys deserve all the praise I can muster. I have never seen a company diffuse and resolve a situation so quickly and so thoroughly. Again, Bravo!

  6. Excellent job all the way around. My faith in Viking is restored. My love of the Moggit Girls renewed, (Really, it was high time someone spoke out against faux painting!) All is right with the world.
    Paul, are you ready for your next challenge? Figure out how to put an addition on my house using only Twitter!

  7. I can only imagine what it will be like in even one more year. Do you think the power will hold?

  8. Fascinating! I think I need to see if Asko has a Twitter account...so I can let them know what I really think about their horrible customer service, not to mention their awful products!

  9. Super cool of you (AND Vinking) to help some sistahs out! I doubted Twitter in the beginning too but I am eating my words!

  10. Behold the power of Twitter (and also some serious collaboration all around!)

  11. Zoe: Thanks go all around. So far as your challenge goes, I will get to work on your addition as soon as I figure out a way to make money from all of this...

    Amy: I do think the power will hold but it will change as Twitter grows. For now it feels like a big small town and there's a real egalitarianism to it that I love. I don't think that will last though. As it shifts it can only get more influential.

    Zhush: That's hilarious. So far as I can tell, Asko's not on Twitter. Perhaps you should shame them on your blog. I swear by it!

    Saucy: I tell everybody who doesn't get it that they better get it. Believe it or not, there was a time (about a year ago) when I thought it was an absolute waste of time. Hah I say, hah!

    Kelly: That whole thing played out like something from a marketing textbook. It was the right situation with the right company and it's a real thrill to see it come together and work the way it's supposed to.

  12. working miracles on cranky home appliances? you really are the god of twitter, mister.

  13. One does what one can birthday boy, one does what one can.


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