03 May 2010

Find missing money

This is not a scam. Believe me, no one looks askance at this sort of thing than me but this one checks out. Let me tell you how I know.

I have many, many clever nieces and nephews. The cleverest of all of them, and certainly the cleverest one in suburban DC is Sarah Bruno-Currier. Sarah is the mother of the perfect child whose photo I ran back in February. Anyhow, Sarah sent me a text message a week ago and it said simply "Did you ever live on West Shore Boulevard in Tampa?"

I did in fact live on West Shore Boulevard about 15 years ago and it was the site of an unhappy time in my life and an absurd real estate squabbling match when good lovin' went bad. I owned that home and I hadn't thought about it in ages. Getting a text message from my niece that mentioned it sent my mind go to dark places immediately. "Don't make me wade back into that mess" was all I could think.

I don't like communicating through text messages so I called her immediately. Sarah told me that she'd been searching around on the internet and found a website that's a clearing house for unclaimed money. Before I could tell her that it was a scam, she told me that a title company in Tampa owed me money.

That's about the best way to get me to pay attention to anybody. Owes me money? Sure!

Sarah sent me the link to Missing Money, a national database of money that's been turned over to states when the person who's owed the money can't be found.

I clicked on the link, entered my name and was re-directed to the website of Florida's Department of Financial Services. Sure enough, a title company in Tampa owes me $54. While it's hardly a Powerball win, it's nice to know that someone actually owes me money rather than the other way around.

Check it out and see if anybody owes you money. Find Missing Money.


  1. Bad news... no unclaimed money out there for me. Good news... my mom has two!

    Paul, your comment on my blog got to go back through your old posts on Italy. I can't wait to plan a trip around Villa la Terrazza in Sorrento!

  2. Jennifer: Oh have I got an in for you at the Villa la Terrazza when ever you're ready for a get away. Let me know if you want to stay there and I'll connect you with Andrea (the proprietor)directly.


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