17 March 2008

Wild, wild walls

A designer I work with brought to my attention a website called Inhabit last Friday (http://www.inhabitliving.com/) and I spent some time digging around on it over the weekend. I must be grooving to some kind of wall paper vibe because I gravitated to a product they call Wall Flats. Wall Flats are made from embossed bamboo fiber --a sustainable, renewable resource by the way. Wall Flats are paint-ready or can be installed out of the box and left unpainted. According to the website, they are as stiff as dense hardboard.

They are glued into place in a way similar to how wallpaper goes up and though less resilient than wallpaper, certainly pack more than enough punch. Unlike a lot of techniques for adding texture to a wall, Wall Flats leave behind a flat wall when they're removed. Try removing some one's idea of stucco some time and you'll appreciate what a flat wall really means.

In the meantime, these things are cool!

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