18 March 2008

More on walls and what do do with them

The kids over at Dwell keep a great section on their website they call "Marketplace." Dwell uses this section of their site to highlight interesting and innovative products for home that have a distinctly modern bent. Much like the magazine itself. Check out their website (http://www.dwell.com/) and click on Marketplace. Spend some time looking through their extensive listings.

What caught my eye this morning was a section on wallpaper. Like I mentioned before, I seem to have wallpaper on the brain lately. Anyhow, they highlight a San Francisco company called Ferm (http://www.fermlivingshop.us/) and Ferm sells some really great and unusual wall treatments. Their traditionally applied wallpapers grace the left side of this page and their innovative "Wall Stickers" are on the right side.

The wallpapers run about $90 a roll for a 32' roll and the stickers range from $50 to $175 apiece. The stickers come in a variety of colors and would look fantastic as an overlay on a striped wall I think.
What I couldn't help but notice too, was the website editor's mention of the great wallpaper rebirth of the last two years. I will blame the fact that I live and work in a naive market for my having missed this particular trend until last week. Things take a couple of years to trickle down to us here in Florida. Never mind my frequent trips to New York to engage in trend spotting. I guess I've been too distracted by Manhattan to notice the fact there there is wallpaper all over the place again. Oops. Bad me. Maybe I should just stick to the line that I'm cautious about embracing new trends. That sounds better at least. Hah!

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