04 November 2021

Lighting Potions: How to Effectively Choose Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

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Lighting is one of the most important basic features in a home when it comes to interior design. Excellent lighting can make a home’s atmosphere functional and appealing. However, most DIY designers often disregard its value. 

No matter how exquisitely accessorized, organized, and furnished a home is - it won’t be a fully well-decorated house unless you choose the correct lighting. Thus, proper lighting is a must to fully maximize your experience in your new home. If you want to learn more about how to choose good lighting for your home, read on below!

Types of Lighting 

Most lighting has a function, and it’s usually divided into three main classifications: task, ambient, and accent lighting. 

  • Task - This type of lighting helps you finish, as the name implies, your tasks, e.g., chopping ingredients, folding laundry, reading a book, painting, etc. 
  • Ambient - sets the mood of the room. It has a warm and soothing glow. This type of lighting can consist of chandeliers, pendant lights, or track lighting, etc. 
  • Accent - These lightings are used to feature a decorative piece in the house. These are also used in museums to highlight some paintings or art pieces. It can also be used as floor lights to show off your favorite plant in the house.  

Types of Light Bulbs

Types of lighting are different from the types of light bulbs; these two go hand-in-hand to maximize the light in your home. Here are three main classes of light bulbs:


These bulbs cost more than incandescents, but it’s way more energy-saving and cost-efficient, and it can last much longer. It can be used in any way - outdoor, indoor, accent, ambient, or task lighting. 

If you’re looking for LED lighting fixtures, consider purchasing from Vonn Lighting. They have a variety of modern to traditional state-of-the-art designs and free shipping! You can buy a mixture of outdoor and indoor lighting here in Vonn.


Incandescent bulbs are among the most common bulbs you’ll see on the market; they’re in most appliances, e.g., microwave, fridge, etc. Unfortunately, they aren’t as long-lasting as LED bulbs, and they consume more energy. Luckily, they cost less than LED bulbs.


Halogen is both budget-friendly and energy-efficient! It has a warm glow that’s almost similar to incandescent bulbs, and you can place it indoors or outdoors. However, they aren’t as durable.

Lighting Fixture Styles

Each type of lighting fixture has a different function in the look and performance of a space. 

  • Floor lamps - are considered task lighting since they are placed chiefly near a chair to read a book or beside a home office. 
  • Hanging lights  - It adds an exquisite look to a room, and it’s primarily used in living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. Most products are either pendant lights or chandeliers. 
  • Cabinet lights - are usually used below kitchen cabinets to make meal preparations more manageable and safer using task light.
  • Desk lamps - Another form of task lighting is desk lamps. It is placed on a desk to make it easier to read, study, or work. The head can be easily adjustable at any angle that makes you comfortable.
  • Wall sconces - You can place them on each side of your bed or light a dim hallway. It can be considered ambient or task lighting.

Lighting for Each Space

  • Living Room - The lighting can be layered using ambient and task lighting; so that the mood is set in a room where people relax, and you can read or watch and unwind.
  • Bedroom - A bedroom is where one rests, so the color temperature of the light should be warm to encourage rest.
  • Kitchen - LED bulbs would be best to use in this area. Also, consider incorporating dimmable lights to set the proper mood when cooking and pendant lighting and under the cabinet lighting. 


Always remember that lighting can either generate or destroy the ambiance in the room. It is the main element that gives a well-decorated room that unique spice! If you’re unsure how to incorporate the different styles to create a mood in the room, consider hiring a lighting designer to relieve you of your troubles.

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