18 May 2021

Three must have items in your kitchen

Many solutions can give many solutions to complement your home decor. Many of these solutions have functional specifications and designs in mind when the kitchen is built—for example, large kitchen cabinets, countertops and larger furniture made of wood. However, there are also elements of kitchen decor that can give more charm and can change at any time. Of course, right now, we are talking about kitchen accessories and other small solutions. In this article, we will discuss easy decorating solutions for you. With just one touch, your kitchen will look different, more beautiful, of course. As a complement to the decoration tips circulating, such as practical and simple kitchen secrets, we invite you to listen to this one article.

Kitchen Gloves

When baking in the oven or heating food using the microwave, you need gloves to protect your hands. Of course, regular cooking gloves will not be able to withstand the heat from the oven when you take the pan. For that, you will need these heat resistant gloves.

  • Multipurpose

You can use these heat-resistant gloves for various purposes in the kitchen, including taking the oven pan, taking food in the microwave, avoiding oil splashes while cooking, taking the hot lid of the pan, etc. With its many functions, this oven mitt is one of the must-have kitchen utensils.

  • Comfortable to use

With quality materials, this kitchen glove is very comfortable when you use it. These cooking gloves are very soft to the hand and can withstand heat very well. You no longer need to be afraid of being splashed with oil or a hot pan while cooking. Even though it has a thick material, your hands will still be able to hold various objects easily and comfortably.

However, now napkins have various sizes and are tailored to your needs. Large napkins are usually used for various types of menus and are usually used during formal events, while medium-sized napkins are used for simpler menus and small napkins for tea or cocktail events.


Kitchen curtains They are one of the best accessories for our homes. Therefore, we must always choose carefully to add only to what we want. Kitchen curtains are always one of the basics of great decoration. Because thanks to the number of models we will find, we will always have a model that adapts to what we need.

What curtains are best for the kitchen?

Before choosing a certain model, it helps us think about the decorative style that our kitchen has. From the very start, we will give our curtains the most appropriate touch. But on the other hand, it is also true that there are some preferences when it comes to curtains. One of the most widely used is see-through cloth. A good curtain allows light to pass by without problems but will protect against the strongest rays. We will create a brighter style, making it perfect for small kitchens.

See-through fabrics are another great idea if you want more privacy. Above all, for a low house or apartment. You can choose between various colours and shades that will always be associated with the colours we already have in this room. Curtains are one of the great trends, especially for kitchens in a modern or minimalist style. 

What kinds of fabrics are used for making curtains?

There is no single type of fabric that can accompany the curtains in the kitchen. Because as we mentioned earlier, there are several finishes and for each of them, we need a special fabric. On the one hand, we have polyester curtains, one of the most widely used as they are a durable fabric. We do not forget the cotton, which is breathable and absorbs moisture, very soft to the touch. On the other hand, we have linens with beautiful fall, even though they wouldn't be 10% linens because otherwise, the price would be quite high.

Some of them may carry a cotton and polyester union file (which is the most widely used and resistant) or even two of these plus linens, which will add an extra layer of softness. Make the composition more beautiful, resistant, and in most cases not as expensive as 100% composition in one material.


The dining room is one of the most important spaces in the house. There are various ways you can enhance your appearance. There is no need for major renovations or renovations to the dining room, but enough with a linen tablecloth.

Maybe rarely occur in your estimation that the dining table cloth can have a significant impact to liven up the atmosphere of the dining room. The use of a dining table cloth provides two benefits: it enhances its appearance and protects the table from dust, dirt, and food crumbs. There are some inspirations for using a dining table cloth to give your family dining room a new look.

1. Tie a Bow

Use two layers of the tablecloth non linen or linen, then tie the top layer with ribbon. Instantly turn your dining room into a beautiful and elegant impression. The combination of white with pink as the base colour looks charming and romantic. You can use different colour combinations to get different results. Adjust to your taste, for example, white and gold for a glamorous impression.

2. Textured Dining Tablecloth

Tablecloths don't always have a simple texture. Instantly change the look of your dining room by using a textured tablecloth like this one. Choose textured fabrics in bright colours for a more positive impression.

3. Colors and Patterns

Get around the lack of decor in the dining room by using colourful linen tablecloths and light patterns. Use this method to make the dining table a focal point in the dining room.

4. Table Runner as an Alternative

A dining linen tablecloth that covers the entire table surface is somewhat less suitable for a table with a beautiful design. If you want to highlight the table's beauty but still want to use a tablecloth, try choosing a table runner as an alternative. The table runner is much smaller, slimmer, and doesn't cover the entire surface. The placement of the table runner like this also serves as a barrier for the placement of the dinner plate.

5. Lace tablecloth

Lace is one of the most popular materials to be used as a dining table cloth. Apart from white, this material is available in various other colours such as pink, beige, purple, and even black. Lace tablecloths can be used as the main tablecloth. Or it can also be combined with an underlay with a contrasting colour to accentuate its beauty further.

6. Vintage Style Dining Tablecloth

Vintage style never dies. Can apply this style to all aspects of decoration outside or indoors, including for the dining table. Vintage lovers will love this tablecloth. The vintage style is accentuated with a warm and familiar impression.

7. Tablecloth in Bohemian Style

Why not use a tablecloth in a certain style or theme? This dining tablecloth is designed in a bohemian style that looks fun. This tablecloth can be used as a focal point in the room. Combine with cutlery with matching colours for maximum results.

8. Set of Tablecloths and Chair Covers

To give a harmonious look, you can present a set of tablecloths complete with chair covers. Another option is to use tablecloths with designs, motifs, or patterns similar to other aspects of decor in the dining room—for example, curtains or maybe wallpaper.

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