20 April 2021

4 Ways to Add Luxury Features to Your Home

When your present home doesn’t provide the luxurious feel that you’re after, it’s high time to resolve that dissatisfaction. Not every idea will work, so look for the ones that speak to your tastes for opulence or increased comfort. Here are 4 ways to add more luxury features to your current home. 


Hire an Interior Designer

When you want something done well, it’s important to realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not a creative person or your ideas for furnishings seem uninspired, then it’ll be difficult to overcome that hurdle. It probably will be best to ask a professional designer to step in to do what you cannot. And that’s perfectly okay!

An interior designer can assess your home as it is today, the furnishings, wall decorations, and overall d├ęcor. They can provide some fresh ideas based on your available budget to deliver something fresh, new, and that speaks to the kind of luxurious feel that you’re desirous of. If you’re open to the idea of working with an interior designer, it’s hard to know where to start. We’d suggest looking at bariondesign.com for some initial inspiration.

Bring in Some House Plants

Adding tall greenery into the main living areas brightens up the space, but it also feels a little bit decadent. Smaller plants in their plant pots or elongated planters won’t have the same effect though. Statuesque indoor flowers will brighten up a space that needs more life to it. They also make a statement in and of themselves separate from expensive new furnishings. 

Introduce High-end Touches

When you’re not looking to completely change a bedroom or a living room, then there’s still much you can do. Consider using exotic or premium materials like marble, gold, or impressive wood as a small addition. A bookcase made from repurposed wood, some ornate porcelain, or a small piece of antique furniture can introduce luxurious elements into a space. Even a few select first editions on the bookcase will up the profile and may prove to be a talking point for fellow bookworms. 

Add Curtains in Rooms with Lower Ceilings

Some homes aren’t blessed with impressively high ceilings. For the owner, they might believe that there’s nothing they can do about that. However, while the ceilings cannot be altered, the depth perception certainly can be. What do we mean by this? Add drapery, preferably heavy curtains, to the windows. Make them much longer than usual so that they drape almost to the floor. Their elongated length will fool the eye into believing that the ceilings are higher than they are. Don’t believe it? Artists and magicians use the art of visual deception and distraction to pull off impressive visual tricks. This is merely borrowing a trick from their book. 

Despair not if you’re wanting a luxurious interior but don’t have one yet. There’s plenty that can be done to get your home to where you wish it to be. 

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