18 January 2021

10 Concepts Of Custom Home Builders And Custom Home Designs

The biggest joy of building a custom home is that every feature that you add is uniquely designed to suit your requirements. In such a house, every detail is customized exclusively for you. For a custom home builder, it means they get to try out their creativity on the way to build dream nests.

If you wish to integrate your vision, needs, and wishes to enhance your lifestyle at home, this article can act as a handy guide to choose the best inspirational home designs on a limited budget.

Go ahead and read about the ten amazing and inspirational custom home design ideas to try in your newly-built house:

#1. Amazing Walk-in Master Closet

You often dreamt about building a spacious master bedroom that comes with a walk-in master closet that is easier to accommodate his or her clothes, shoes, etc. This could be a private area and can be practical depending on your desire. 

In a customized closet you can check the identical cabinets, drawers, and space to hang clothes. Several builders such as victoreric.com custom home builders provide you with the option of a well-designed and organized closet that helps to eliminate the requirement of the growing wardrobe.

#2. Well-Equipped Kitchen

No matter where you live having a well-equipped kitchen is the focal point for all social gatherings especially if you love to cook and wear the chef hat. A spacious large island with a huge seating capacity to encourage socializing while you cook. 

The expert builders encourage the addition of high-end appliances, more than one sink, ample space on the counter-top, and huge storage.

#3. Angled Windows

In the current year, something which is in high trend is angled transom windows to reflect the sloping roof for a consistent look.

#4. Dual-Facing Fireplace Wall

A unique fireplace wall to provide partial separation between the kitchen and the family room without eliminating the open layout. The dual-facing fireplace extends sightlines, adds amazing ambiance. 

We will like you to add a small built-in bench to provide additional seating. However, the choice of the fireplace is also a big matter of consideration - read here about the best fireplace options for your house.

#5. Two-Entrances to Shower

Currently, every customized home design expert inspires the new buyers to have full his-and-hers bathrooms with vanity, toilet, and walk-in closets. Connecting both the spaces with a unique walk-in shower and catty-corner entry makes the house more unique.

#6. Having a Wine Room

To have a wine room, you do not need to be a wine connoisseur. The builders these days suggest the installation of elegant wine cellars with ample space to store, displaying vintage wines to the bar like seating arrangement can be a great option.

#7. Tile Type Bath Mat

A wood-like tile floor will offer your dream house an eye-catching alternative to the traditional bath mat. So, we advise you to build an intricate tile inset bath mat for a different look.

#8. High-Windows

No matter where you build your home in a busy colony or somewhere secluded, privacy is something we all desire. So, having high, narrow windows along the dining room to ensure ample daylight without sacrificing privacy. If you feel high windows are a trouble to clean, here are some quick tips for the future.

#9. Open Kitchen Shelves

This is indeed a new option and quickly gaining popularity among the people who love to cook. Open kitchen shelves provide quick access to often-used cooking materials, ensure more storage capacity without overwhelming your kitchen with too many cabinets.

#10. Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Like the way we want to keep your dream kitchen clutter-free similarly, we support the installation of custom cabinets to hide certain materials as well. It is better to select a warm-yet modern vertical-grain for your cabinets. So, combine the tailor-made cabinets with built-in open shelves to extend the overall look.

Wrapping Up

If you are ready to build a dream house, custom home builders can help you etch out such inspiration to suit your requirements. The tailored designs are always exclusive to the home and surroundings. 

They are tailor-made designs to make every house appear unique without intermingling too many ideas and leave behind much space for yourself. For a clutter-free look, try out these unique ideas or talk with the experts!

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