22 May 2020

Your New-and-Improved Home Essentials Checklist

Now that most people have been spending a lot more time at home due to COVID-19, there are probably a few things you’ve noticed in your house that you’d love to improve. Life is usually such a whirlwind, so it’s easy to let inconveniences go unnoticed—especially if it’s how you’ve done it for years and years. If you haven’t really touched anything in your home since the early 2000s, you’re missing out on some incredible technology that would not only make your home look incredible, but make your life easier. Now that you're home more often, take note of everything you’d like to get done and follow along with this checklist of essentials that will make your home feel new and improved.


Keeping all of your memories in one place

The first step in improving your home is preserving your memories. Although there is something to be said about going through old photo albums, you run the risk of damaging a really special memory every time you turn a page, depending on the age of the photos. Not to mention all of the new memories you and your family are creating every day. Whether it’s pictures of the grand kids or your vacation from last summer, all of these images end up on different phones and social media platforms, making it difficult to keep track of them on your own.

Now you can actually keep everything in one convenient place with Meet ibi. This device acts as a personal cloud that can store over 250,000 photos or over 100 hours of video. Also, there’s not a monthly subscription fee, like so many other photo services, so you’ll be saving money. It’s also very simple to set up. All you need to do is plug in your ibi and download the app, and it will guide you easily through the rest of the setup. From there, select which devices and social media accounts you’d like ibi to collect from and choose your “inner circle” to privately share content with. Take photos of your old albums and then upload them to your cloud. You’ll be able to share old photos that people have never seen or maybe forgot were ever taken.


Living in a fairytale

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to your very own fairytale every day, or at the very least be able to park your car in a beautiful garage? Garages aren’t exactly the most visually appealing part of any house, so improving that area should definitely be on your checklist. Make your garage go from drab to fab by searching for custom wood garage doors. RW Garage Doors has dedicated its whole company towards building superior quality carriage house garage doors. They handpick every piece of wood and fully inspect their materials before using them in their projects. Your neighbors are certain to be jealous of the premium build.

Making a splash with backsplash

The kitchen is where people gather and put a lot of love in the dishes they create. It’s a cornerstone of family gatherings. That being said, the kitchen is the first place to get a little messy when there’s a lot of activity going on in the house. Upgrading the design of this space will not only make it look great, but make things run more smoothly. You'll find backsplash in almost every new kitchen right now. It’s a beautiful, tiled accent that makes your eating space look almost like a restaurant. Since it’s tile, any pasta sauce that bubbles out can easily be wiped away without leaving a trace of a stain. It's functional and beautiful.

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