26 March 2020

Give the Earth a place in your home

Nothing feels better than dressing with the season or decorating your home to accommodate the change in weather and daylight hours. Not only does wood signify the change of seasons, but if you use it for your flooring, it can signify a change in mood or atmosphere. If this is what you want then there is no better way than with luxury vinyl wooden flooring. Here’s why…

Embrace your dark side

Wooden flooring gives you the ability to make a house a home, with luscious dark and golden tones, you can add ambiance and warmth without having to light a single candle. Dark shades can be accessorized to match any season. Surround yourself with faux fur rugs and potpourri for the perfect winter setting.

Lighten up your day

If your home is hectic and you feel the need to introduce an element of calm, look on the bright side with light wooden flooring. Light beige, golden and even white flooring can all add an element of zen to a room. Expand natural elements with exotic plants and wicker baskets to enhance the earthy tone.

Wood is all-round wonderful

Knowing that the flooring you choose will remain in your home for the foreseeable future adds pressure making the right decision. This is why natural woods are currently on-trend and is here to stay. All wooden-based flooring can be accentuated, and the design patterns are endless. Wood gives your furnishings a neutral backdrop, making them pop!

Less is more

If you’re choosing a patterned flooring style such as Herringbone or Parquet, then it would be wise to choose a painted wall. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bold colour. Try light golden oak wood strips with a burgundy matte paint for a contrasting theme. This works well with dark wood furnishings, woolly blankets and pendant lighting.

The perfect Luxury Vinyl flooring is waiting for you

Choices are all around you but knowing where to start looking can be the hard part. Amtico offers quality luxury vinyl flooring, with D├ęcor, Signature and Click Smart ranges, both fitting and designing your look is hassle-free. For a design with more grandeur and detail, Luvanto Click and Herringbone will have you designing in your dreams.

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