28 June 2018

Quick design tips to personalise your newly-bought home

Just bought a new home and finally realising your Australian dream? Congratulations!

Looking to personalise your new home but aren’t sure how to start or worried about your limited budget? This is the perfect article for you. We’re showing you a couple of design/decoration tips that are bound to add beauty and value to your new home.

The kitchen. As your home’s heart and soul, the kitchen deserves all the attention you can give when you first move into your spanking new home.

Adding colour coordinated pans and pans for starters are an easy way to create a great theme, especially if you want a kitchen with personal touches. You can also store your pots in a different way if you’re saving money and don’t want to replace them. Just hang them from a pot hanging rack to create a nice display that doubles as storage saver. Win-win!

Today’s homes are now beginning to pave the way to the garden plants back into the indoors. Adding a favourite leafy colour to the kitchen is a great way to enliven it and add a living decoration. Herbs and plants instantly freshen up a room and make a more natural environment that’s perfect for cooking.

Whether you like flowers, candles, vases or even fruit bowls, a centrepiece in your dining room can transform your table in a matter of seconds! The one thing to remember with centrepieces is to ensure that it isn’t too distracting. A piece too large or tall may get in the way of your conversations with people around the table or may minimise the space for your plates and cutlery.

The Hallway. Your hallway is where everyone traverses every day to go to different parts of the home, therefore it needs special care.

First off, adding mirrors can transform an area since it instantly brightens up space by reflecting any light, natural or from other sources. Choose mirrors that match your style and personality. Next, adding photos allow you to showcase your favourite family photos to visitors and family members as well.  If you want a modern look, try having your photos printed in back or white, or simply add a sepia filter to transform them into vintage wonders.

The living room. If your family loves lounging around the living room, or if you’re big on entertainment, then customising your home when you move in should be a priority as well.
Use rugs to either boost the floor space or the furniture you currently have. You’ll have a plethora of options to choose from that appropriately matches your taste and the other furniture in the room. In any case, don’t yourself to colour schemes. Experiment things and see what works in personalising the living room.

Adding throws and cushions can also add plenty of personality and style to the living room. Be creative on this one and have a go at putting your chosen designs/colours together and see how they look.

Moving into a brand-new home is an exciting event since you have a blank canvas ready to be transformed to a loving home complete with any mood or theme you like.
If you’re still on the process of purchasing a home or are considering to move from your current one, the Alkimos house and land packages in North Perth are perfect considerations as it lets you choose a home with just the right space and features your growing family needs. Simply choose from the many available home designs or even make changes once the property is turned over to you.

Best of luck with designing/decorating your new home!

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