09 May 2018

Top Advantages To Installing Solar Shades In Your Home


If you’re looking to replace your current blinds or shades over your windows, you’ll definitely want to give solar shades a close look.

Solar shades are unique over other kinds of window treatments in that they work by reflecting the rays of the sunlight rather than allowing it to come through the window, while simultaneously absorbing the heat from outside.

The best analogy would be to think of solar shades as sunglasses. Your sunglasses can both filter and shield sunlight, and solar shades are the same way.

Now that you know what solar shades are and why they work, you might be wondering why exactly they would be a wise investment for your home.

Here are the top advantages to installing solar shades in your home:

They Are Available In Numerous Designs

Most blinds and shades are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, shapes, and textures, and solar shades are no exception. It’s not like you’re limited to just one or two designs. You can certainly find a set of shades that will complement the colors and furniture in your room to give that room a more appealing and attractive look and feel to it.

They Block UV Rays

One of the best benefits to solar shades is the fact that they are effective at blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays. This is important for your family’s health, because UV rays can potentially cause diseases such as skin cancer.

They Protect Your Furniture

There are many natural enemies of furniture, including spilled beverages, pet hair, and of course, sunlight. In fact, sunlight can really degrade your furniture and cause it to lose value. Solar shades are very efficient at filtering out sunlight and especially UV light, which means you’ll protect the investment you made into your furniture.

They More Efficiently Regulate Heat

Solar shades do far more than just keep sunlight out of your home. They are also very efficient at minimizing the amount of heat that transfer into your home from the outdoors. When that heat is blocked, it means that your home can feel like a cool haven from the hot and humid air that’s outside.

They Reduce The Need For Air Conditioning

Since solar shades work wonders for reducing the temperature inside of your house during a warm summer day, the need for your air conditioning is naturally reduced. This will enable you to save more on money.

Furthermore, during the winter, solar shades will likewise to help conserve the heat inside of your home, which will make your home more energy efficient and also help you to cut your expenditures on your monthly bills.

Installing Solar Shades

Our solar shades the only great window treatment option? No, but they definitely are among the most technologically advanced window treatment options available, and are an excellent way to improve your home without spending a ton of money.

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