14 March 2018

Meet the Mean Green team

The good folks at CR Brands have made me a Mean Green brand ambassador for 2018 and as such, I get to display the nifty Mean Green banner you can see in my right column and they sent me a collection of Mean Green products to take for a test drive.

I spend a lot of time at home and I spend an undue amount of that time cleaning it seems. I consider myself to be a particular and selective house cleaner and I don't shed my brand loyalties lightly.  With that said, the Mean Green products that showed up here over the past month or so have impressed me mightily and I'll explain why in a moment.

Before I get to that, let me show you the Mean Green products I'll be working with for the next few months.

Mean Green Super Strength

Mean Green Auto & Garage

Mean Green Mildew Destroyer

Mean Green Orange Champ

The product line is rounded out with Mean Green Anti-Bacterial, Mean Green Boat and Vehicle, Mean Green Car Wash (with hose-end applicator), Mean Green Concrete and Driveway Degreaser, Mean Green Heavy Duty Wipes, Mean Green House, Deck and Fence, Mean Green Multi-Purpose and Mean Green Pine Power.

I tend not to use specialty cleaning products in my day to day. Ammonia and hot water is more or less my default cleaning product and I suppose that makes me not only selective, it also makes me cheap.

But my initial trials of these Mean Green products have me second guessing myself. One of the reasons I reach for ammonia so often is that it not only cleans well, it doesn't leave a residue. Well, the mean Green products I've been using work better than my beloved ammonia and they don't leave behind a smear I then have to clean up after I've cleaned.

The Mean Green Mildew Destroyer cleaned the grout lines in my bathrooms and kitchen and honestly, I'd completely given up hope of ever getting my kitchen grout lines clean. I didn't even have to scrub, I just sprayed Mildew Destroyer, let it sit for a few moments and then mopped everything up. Honestly that floor looks brand new.

I bake all the time. I teach baking classes after all so it makes sense that I would bake at home a lot too. I keep my ovens clean but nothing I've ever found can get my oven racks clean. All that changed when I used Mean Green Super Strength on them. I took the racks out of the oven one at a time and set them in the sink. I sprayed them with Super Strength, let them sit for a bit and then rinsed them off. Unbelievable. It worked!

Mean Green Auto and Garage makes short work of engine grease as well as brake dust on wheel covers. Once the weather warms up I'll have it outside and will be able to truly put it through its paces when I wash my car on the driveway.

And finally, Mean Green Orange Champ cleans up my gar cook top better and faster than the plain soap and water I usually use. As a bonus, it makes my kitchen smell like a citrus stand.

Mean Green's website is filled with tips and tricks and there's even a coupon so you can give these products a try,

The whole line of Mean Green products can be found at Lowe's and Walmart; and their website has a store locator to help you find other retailers.

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