12 February 2018

Ten Helpful Tips For Your Next Appliance Purchase

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Are you in the market for a new household appliance?

If you are like most homeowners, you plan to upgrade and add new appliances every five years. However, if you are not careful, you will accidentally buy the wrong appliance or buy an appliance that will not fit in your house.

We are here to help!

We put together ten must know tips on buying household appliances.

Read Reviews Of Brands Before Committing To Any Purchase Decisions

Before you commit to purchasing any appliance, read trustworthy reviews on the brand and model. Learn how a particular appliance holds up over time, maintains functionality, and when to expect breakdowns.

Every product, including appliances, has strengths and weaknesses. Some appliances last decades. Others only survive a few years. Trustworthy reviews will help you weed out potential bad products. You can search for a website like Best10anything for the best appliances reviews.

Measure Out Space and Confirm You Can Fit Your Appliances In A Specific Room

When you are planning on upgrading large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines, measure the spaces where new appliances will go. By getting the measurements ahead of time, you will reduce the likelihood that you will buy an appliance that does not fit in your home.

With appliances that need ventilation, make sure you factor in extra space for cords, cables, and hoses.

When Renovating Entire Rooms, Upgrade Your Appliances To Match The Theme

Many appliance upgrades occur when a room's design is being renovated. Modernizing a kitchen, for example, requires new a new stove, sink, refrigerator, and oven at the least. In order for the renovation to look professional, you will need to find appliances that match your new theme. Clean, stainless steel appliances would match a modern kitchen.

However, they would not match a rustic, wooden kitchen. Shop around to find a store or vendor that will sell you sets of appliances that match your theme.

Find Energy Efficient Appliances That Will Save You Money

When you are buying your appliances, compare brands to find what appliances will save you the most money. Many higher-end brands compete with each other to create the most efficient, low-energy devices. These appliances will use less energy. This helps the environment and keeps your wallet fatter each month.

The United States Government has a calculator that can help you determine if your new appliance will save you money on electricity. In 2018 when there is a high focus on energy conservation there is little need to waste money buying a high-energy device when so many quality alternatives exist.

Negotiate With The Salesman To Get A Better Price On Your Appliance

Most appliance salesmen have wiggle room when it comes to pricing appliances. According to ConsumerReports.org, only 30% of large appliance consumers attempt to negotiate with salesmen on price. The average savings of consumers who negotiated with a salesman was $98. Whenever possible, work with the salesman to find a price you can both agree on.

Bring cash with you to leverage your negotiations. Offering physical cash increases the likelihood that your offer will be accepted. Besides price, negotiate on delivery fees, installation fees, and financing rates. Many consumers can reduce the overall cost of their appliances by adding purchase resistance to their salesman. Do not let yourself pay full price!

Floor Models Look Just As Good But Come At A Discounted Price

Old floor models need to be moved in order for new models to take their place. Knowing this as a consumer gives you power. You can ask if the floor model is available for sale. More often than not, a salesman is looking to get one sold.

Look for floor models with imperfections in places that will be hidden once the appliance is in your house. You can negotiate the price down based on scratches, small damages in the exterior, and other imperfections in the appliance.

Make Your List Of Needed Features And Use It To Make Purchasing Decisions

Avoid buying appliances out of emotion! It is easy to see that perfect fridge with the ice dispenser and built-in water-filter - but do you need it?

Consumers go over budget because they emotionally invest in features and accessories that do not solve a tangible problem they have. They allow the salesmen to paint a picture of what an extra feature could do.

Avoid this by creating a list. Write down all of the features that you need. Stick to that list when a salesman tries to convince you to take an upgraded, and far more expensive, model. Remind yourself of what you need, and more importantly, what you do not need.

If You Are On A Budget, Work With A Lender To Acquire Financing

If you have good credit, you may be able to secure a loan to purchase appliances. Companies such as Best Buy and Lowes will sell you appliances and help you to secure financing. If your store does not offer you financing, you will need to seek it from a bank or lender.

Look In Magazines, Coupon Websites, And Forums For Deals And Freebies With Appliance Purchases

To attract customers, companies give away freebies and deals such as bonus utensils, free shipping, and extended warranties. These offers can make buying a new appliance a better deal. In the case of shipping and warranties, it can save money and potential heartaches.

Know Your Home's Hookups And Buy Appliances That Match Them

Before you set out to buy any appliances, make a list of all the hookups your home has. Note what appliances you need and map out where they would go. Either mentally or on paper, calculate if you have enough hookups to properly support your new appliance. You can avoid the stress of buying an appliance you cannot use by preparing and mapping out hookups ahead of time.

Buying A New Appliance Does Not Have To Be Stressful

Appliance shopping can be stressful! With so many options out there, it can be difficult finding the right equipment for you. Follow our tips listed above and you will be more prepared when you buy your next appliance.

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