04 January 2018

Plants to Consider for Your Home

Plants make homes look pretty. They’re like natural home furniture. Not only that, but some are great air filters and humidifiers, which makes them especially good for cold winters when windows and doors are closed shut.

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If you’ve been thinking about getting some plants for your home in the New Year, or you want to get some new ones, consider the following beauties.

Spider Plant

The spider plant, also known as Chlorophytum Comosum, is pretty easy to maintain, doesn’t need much to take care of it, and can hold its own in various conditions. You can also place it anywhere in the kitchen - the windowsill, the kitchen worktop or wherever else. It requires very little pruning and watering so is a pretty independent little thing. The plant is also a dab hand at removing odors and pollutants.

African Spear

The African spear plant, also known as the cylindrical snake plant or Sansevieria Cylindrica, has long green cylinder-like leaves, and is called a snake plant because the patterns on the leaves are snake-like. It doesn’t take much to look after one as it’s a succulent plant (its thick parts/leaves store water like aloe plants). These plants are great for cleaning the air and removing toxins.

English Ivy

English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a fairly easy vine plant to look after and grow. Make sure the soil it’s planted in stays moist and that it’s kept where the sunlight isn’t too bright. It can also grow in the shade. It’s apparently also good for removing mold spores in the air of one’s home. If you have pets, it can also decrease fecal matter in the air. It’s said to be good at absorbing formaldehyde, which can be found in certain cleaning products, for instance.

If you have a fence, such as the ones sold by Northland Fence, English Ivy would serve as a good climbing plant to create extra privacy.

Be warned: if you do buy this plant, ensure it’s kept well away from children as their berries and leaves are poisonous when consumed (symptoms include stomachache, a fever, breathing problems and diarrhea). Also be careful if you have sensitive skin (because of the sap). Ivy plants are also toxic for our four-legged pets.

Peace Lily

The gorgeous Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is another plant that’s easy to maintain. Like the English Ivy, the Lily’s good for reducing mold spores in the home. It uses its leaves to absorb the spores, which its roots then use as a food source. The Peace Lily is also good for mildew prevention in the bathroom.

If you want it to bloom more of its beautiful white flowers over time, place it in the light more often.

These are just four house plants of the many to choose from. There are so many other plants you can grace your home with. And what’s great is some of them not only keep you and your home company, but they purify the air for you too, which can only be a good thing.

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