24 November 2017

Top Features to Include When Creating a Backyard Oasis

If the idea of a backyard oasis appeals to you, then consider yourself part of the majority. Most homeowners love being able to enjoy their yard, get some fresh air, entertain in the outdoors, and just feel relaxed and at ease. A backyard oasis makes all of this possible, but let’s face it, it takes a fair amount of work to achieve. If you’re looking around your yard that looks rather bland, bare, and without personality and you’re trying to achieve that oasis feel, then here are some features you may want to include.

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Water Feature

When you want to be able to get that oasis feel as quickly as possible, the best tip is to include some sort of water feature in your backyard. Water features are not only beautiful to look at, but the sounds they create are extremely relaxing and comforting. It can help to drown out neighbors, passing traffic, and just the everyday noise of life.

Popular water features include fountains, a small pond with fish in it, a fountain wall if you have the space, and even waterfalls built into a pond or fountain. Your water feature will depend on the space you have available, your budget, and just how big of an impact you want to create.

Garden Seating

In order for your backyard oasis to be enjoyed, you’re going to need to have inviting and comfortable seating. You can help to make it more comfortable by adding cushions and throws in relaxing hues and patterns.

Garden seating may be a small bench strategically placed next to the garden, or it could be a large dining table surrounded by chairs. It should be based on your needs and the space available.

Soft Lighting

As the experts at Architectural Landscape Design will tell you, part of creating that oasis atmosphere is adding special touches such as soft lighting. They can work with you to create a design that includes a variety of lighting options such as rope lighting, twinkle lighting, garden lights, pathway lights, and more.

Privacy Screens/Fencing

It’s rather difficult to create a backyard oasis if all of your neighbors are able to peer in and see you trying to relax. This is where privacy screens and fencing can come in very handy. Lattice work is probably the most common type of privacy screening as it still allows for airflow, and the sun to get through, but it gives you that sense of privacy.

Place the screening around any seating area you may have, as this is typically where you will spend the most amount of time. It’s also where you will entertain friends and family, so again that added privacy is nice to have.

The Oasis of Your Dreams

By using these tips, and seeking help from the experts, you’ll be able to create that oasis atmosphere that your backyard has been lacking. There’s a good chance that you will find you spend more time outdoors than indoors once your oasis is complete.

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