15 June 2017

Adding Style and Spaciousness to a Smaller Room


We cannot all live in a country mansion, and many of us would have no wish to do so. All that space to keep clean and tidy, not to mention the draughts. And as for the heating bills – the smaller home definitely has a lot going for it.

One of the downsides, though, is that while small and cosy is great, cramped and claustrophobic is not – and all too often, we set out to achieve the former and end up with the latter.

Here are five clever design tips for making the most of your small, but perfectly formed, living space.

Create movement

When it comes to small room designs, you will find some experts advocating vertical lines to give an impression of height, and others insisting that horizontal is better to make the room look wider. The truth is that either will work, although you might want to avoid combining the two, unless you want your visitors to go cross eyed.

The key is really to providing a pattern, and a sense of motion – so wooden shiplap on the wall can work perfectly, either horizontally or vertically. On the subject of clever patterns, do not forget the floor.  Hardwood laminate gives the same effect, or how about herringbone flooring for an interesting pattern that catches the eye?

Small room, small furniture

It might sound obvious, but you would be astonished at how many people cram an enormous three piece suite into a small living room and then wonder why there is no sense of space.

When furnishing the room, you need to have the concept of proportion foremost in your mind. In simple terms, if any article of furniture has to be pressed up against the wall or ceiling, it is too big for the room. Always leave a small gap between furniture and walls to create a better sense of space.

Go for sleek lines in your sofa and chairs as opposed to heavy, overstuffed alternatives. They will give just as much sitting space and comfort.

Let in the light

A light, airy room inevitably feels more spacious. Make the most of natural light by getting rid of curtains in favour of blinds or wooden shutters – they also take up less space and are far easier to keep clean, so there really is no downside.

Even if natural sunlight is in short supply, for example if your room has small windows or is north facing, you can work wonders with a carefully positioned mirror, to increase both light and the sense of space.

Also consider full or part glazed internal doors. You will be surprised at how much difference they can make to the overall feel of the room.

White is right

White walls are more reflective and add to the feeling of light and serenity. They also blur the distinction between wall and ceiling, creating the illusion that the ceiling is actually higher.

If you think too much white will feel cold and impersonal, pair it up with that herringbone wood floor we mentioned earlier and some bright wall hangings for a spacious, yet homely feel.

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