15 December 2016

Five Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

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The kitchen is the heart of every modern home. In fact, it has evolved to play a versatile role as a place to not only prepare food, but also bond with family, entertain friends, and even tackle homework with your kids.

The kitchen is the important place of any home, and it should match the interior of your rooms. These days you have various options to update the look of your cooking area. In addition to trending kitchen designs, you can add wall art to decorate the space. For example, kitchen canvas art by ElephantStock is a great option to create a beautiful kitchen interior.

Therefore, you should ensure that your kitchen provides the most comfortable and welcoming environment for these activities.  In order to achieve this, you need more than just a classy teak dining room table.

Therefore, we present you five unique kitchen design ideas to give your kitchen that magnificent and welcoming look.

1. Lounge-style banquette

Genius architect Ben Awes came up with a design that takes away the traditional dining room and expands the kitchen. It features a lounge like area that would accommodate large family get together’s. There is also the option for a granite slab around the table.

Then, the back of the seating can form a black quartz island work surface, with cabinets underneath.

2. Industrial Lighting

Just like how you expect the merchant services processing your transactions at work to be transparent and ideal for your business needs, your kitchen should be perfectly lit so as to keep up with your culinary adventures, as well as provide the ideal environment for mingling and conversation during family get together’s. You can achieve this by making use of industrial lighting. While this kind of lighting varies, it encompasses the following common features:

  • Black steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper or Brass
  • Wire Caging – In place of sconces
  • Clear glass and Antiquated style light-bulbs
  • Press-studs, among other industrial hardware

3. Versatile Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are evolving from simply being a preparation or serving station, to also serve as home and décor furnishings.   As such, you can upgrade your kitchen from a simple cooking station to a sophisticated display case by including a unique kitchen island.

Consider fixing glass or mirror doors on your kitchen island storage units. Likewise, you can transform an old barn table into a unique kitchen island. You just need to add some lower shelving units for storage. Any of these styles will certainly transform your kitchen island from the traditional prep or serving station into a unique display of style.

4. Smart Kitchen

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Smart technology is revolutionizing the way we do things. It is even finding its way into our homes, including the kitchen, through the invention of smart home appliances.

The Bluetooth –enabled Anova Precision Cooker is a perfect example of smart home appliances. This cooker allows you to connect to your smartphone and then search recipes and incorporate the suggested cooking temperatures and durations for your food to come out perfect.

Likewise, you can incorporate charging points into your kitchen design. In fact, there are countless smart organizing options that you can choose from that will not compromise the overall kitchen décor. You just need to be creative when it comes to choosing technologies that can make your kitchen smarter.

5. Multipurpose Table on Wheels

If you don’t like the idea of having a full-time dining table, which takes up the better part of your floor space, designer Pangaea has a simple but perfect solution for you. She suggests that you have a table on wheels.

This table should be designed in a way that it built to make a breakfast bar that easily slide chairs under it.


Kitchen being the heart of every modern home, everyone wants their kitchen to look fabulous. Even if you don’t want a complete kitchen makeover, you can choose one of these unique kitchen design ideas to give your kitchen a trendy and welcoming look.

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