14 October 2016

Garages: The Untapped Space

What do you do in your garage?  What do you have in it?  Most peoples’ answers to those two questions would be: 1) park the car and 2) lots of stuff.  Garages are for cars and storage right?  But what if they don’t have to be just used for storage?  Garages are usually pretty big spaces and chances are that with a little reorganizing you could free up a lot of space in yours.  This is space that can be used for almost anything.

Whatever you decide to do with your garage, make sure to look at your garage doors, does it suit the new use of the space?  Will it allow in enough light and air?  Maybe you simply need screen doors that are specially made for garages.  These allow for beautiful wall-to-wall natural light exposure, airflow, as well as easy entry and exit.

Below are just a few ideas of new ways to re-imagine your garage’s purpose.

Man Cave
A classic garage space use.  Man cave can mean almost anything your, or his heart desires.  You could decide to make it a cozy nook with a leather couch and TV.  Maybe add a rug to cover cement flooring.   The point of using your garage space for a “man cave” is to create a space where you or your partner can go for some “me” time.  So anything they like to do can be put in the area.

Art Cave
If you are crafty, a painter, or almost any other type of artist, you can turn your garage space into an art room quite easily.  Garages are great areas for these kinds of uses because you probably don’t have to worry too much about splattering paint accidentally on carpets or walls.

If you are handy you might want to think about using your garage as your woodworking and DIY area.  Garages are a perfect area for this because you don’t have to worry about breaking any furniture or cleaning up wood shavings immediately after.

A gym is another way you can utilize your garage.  Instead of sweating at a gym where you need to pay a membership fee, or out in the cold air, you can convert your garage with equipment tailored to your workout.  Then you don’t need to worry about cardio equipment time limits and can enjoy blasting your own music!

In short, your garage can be an important part of your home design if you are looking for a little extra space!

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