10 March 2015

A guide to a super cheap bathroom

Whether it’s making your home a more comfortable place to live, trying to make it more valuable with more energy or elegance, or just simply you want to make yourself feel happy, these projects of super clean bathroom remodeling are the key element and are the most economical way that you can make your bathroom clean with ten times the cash that you would have spent in some luxury bathroom shops buying new bathroom interior.

When it comes to the elegance and the cleanness of your bathroom, there are several ways of making the difference in it, and few of those are the lightning, painting, wall decoration and assents, the main bathroom mirror which is usually present in the bathrooms around the world, followed by the curtains over the bath tub and the linens.

The first thing in any cheap bathroom remodeling and making it look amazing is the paint. The paint must be done in neutral shade and colors, and the energy should come from the accessories that are placed there later on, not from the paint itself. Even if this is the case with the paint being the second background color of the bathroom, don’t underestimate the power of it because it gives the shininess of the other elements by being the contrast itself.

Next money spending step are the fixtures with new lightning that should be placed on the wall once the paint is dried. Wattage is needed because your light determines the happiness that you will place inside the bathroom. Aim to focus is where you plan to put the mirror for double light due to the reflection. The lights are not something that you can remodel and clean to look cutter. This is where you should spend some money and at the end of the long run they will definitely pay off.

Towel racks and light switch covers should come after the lightning is placed. Aim for white or chrome because it’s the color of the century, and it makes the bathroom look elegant. These accessories are not so expensive so go for the kill. They can be found in any shop for bathroom accessories.

Mirror and everything else is next as the last step of the wall decorating. This is the main bathroom element including the interior so we suggest you watch a tutorial video on how to reuse your old mirror and make it look amazingly new, as well as how to place the mirror in the bathroom so it can get the maximum out of the lightning that comes from the window, and the artificial lightning that you have previously set in the bathroom.

Shower curtains are a cheap element to replace and a fun one as well. Aim for live colors that contrast the walls, and with no doubt at all your bathroom will look fresher and cleaner, while you won’t have to spend much time and money on it. Natural material curtains are the best way to go because they are cheap and soft, and for this matter, look for cotton duck.

Linens should be the same color as your bathroom shower curtains and if your shower curtains are white, beige or cream, your mat and towels should also share the same color and intensity. The last accessories like toothbrush holders and tissue boxes should be white as well, if your curtains are white. Some may way that this is a classic and a color that has already been used many times before, but the thing is that white color is one of the cleanest colors and the best looking one for a bathroom. Not to mention that it is the cheapest color on the market.

We hope that this small cheap bathroom remodeling guide helped you and your idea of remodeling your bathroom while saving you cash.

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