13 February 2015

Is it safe to be in a property while it is being treated for pests?


Pesticides can be dangerous if you use them the wrong way, so it’s often necessary to call in the experts if you have a problem with pests in your home, or of you want to prevent a problem from occurring.

Pest control experts know what they are doing, and they know what extermination processes and methods to use for different situations. As long as you take the necessary actions before, during and after the treatment process, you and your family will be perfectly safe.

What should you do before your home is treated for pests?

The most important thing is to make sure that the professional you hire is licensed. This means that they will be able to complete a safe and effective job, and will be able to advise you correctly on precautions to take. States have their own individual licensing procedures, with the Environmental Protection Agency, providing training in the handling of certain pesticides. Once you have made an appointment it’s important to make sure that the area to be treated is ready for when the pest control experts arrive.

If you are having a routine treatment completed then, most of the time, this is concentrated on the exterior of your home to prevent pests from getting inside the premises. Interior pest control is usually used when pests have actually been encountered indoors. If the exterior of your home is being treated then you need to make sure that the area is cleared, that grass is cut if necessary and that children and pets are removed from the area.

Similarly, if the interior of your home is being treated, you need to clear any small items from the floor and put away any food items; you should also cover any fish tanks and either cover or switch off the pump. When the Long Island pest control experts arrive you will often need to vacate your home, depending on what pests are being dealt with.  Children should always be out of the premises while the work is being undertaken, and it’s a good idea to make sure pets are too.

What happens during the treatment?

When your home is being treated for pests low levels of pesticide are used which are lethal to pests while not threatening the health of you or your pets, once they are dry. There are different treatments available depending on the pest involved. For instance, aerosols and dusts can be used for applying to cracks. This means that the pests can be killed, but there is no harmful reside.

When a pesticide has to be applied to a surface that’s exposed the experts follow very specific procedures to ensure that the right quantities are used in the correct manner. Application of these pesticides also dictates that all animals and humans must stay away from the surfaces until they are dry.

What happens after the treatment?

Recommendations vary as to the length of time you should stay out of a home that has been treated, except to say that you should not touch any treated surfaces until they are dry. You should ask the experts undertaking the job whether it is necessary to stay out of your home, as this can depend on the type of treatment undertaken.

If you have any concerns about re-entering your home then a period of 2-3 hours is definitely sufficient for any treated areas to have dried out. After this time you can enter your home with complete ease of mind, and no pests to worry about.

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