26 January 2013

Time for a rant

In the United States, we spell "color" as "color" and "favorite" as "favorite." Few things work my nerves as much as my fellow citizens affecting British spellings. Unless you were born north of the 49th parallel or on the other side of the Atlantic, write the way Americans write. Affecting British spellings makes you look like a pompous ass, not the erudite thing you imagine yourself to be.


  1. English family, english education, lived in England and Wales, so i feel like i am entitled to spell things the uk way.

  2. You have full license to spell things any way you want to. But far too many of our countrymen use those spellings to make themselves come across to be more civilized than they are.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen that. With my extensive reading and Internet research, I obviously come across British spellings with a great deal of frequency, but those are legitimate, especially European sites that are translated into English. Invariably, it’s British spelling. As for the other… I don’t see affected spellings, just wince-provoking assassinations like, “I am to angry to say anything more about are results.” [sic]


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