27 September 2012

Flowers and happiness

I used to buy myself flowers all the time and this makes me think I need to start doing so again. Buy some flowers!
Via: GlobalRose


  1. of course you do and when you can...pick them!

  2. I love getting flowers, but most of the time I buy them for myself since no one else takes the hint... My favourite cut flowers are peonies, my mom grows some gorgeous ones in her garden. I also love roses, but store-bought roses generally lack that heady aroma of "real" roses so I never buy them. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a big bouquet of flowers from the garden :)

  3. I'm right there with you Lisa and indeed, peonies are some of the best cut flowers available. Peonies can't grow here and when they're available they cost about ten bucks apiece. My Mom always grew them when I was a kid and that scent is unmistakable. Gardenias do grow here and as distinctive as their scent is, they lack the showiness of a peonie.


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