11 March 2012

Go see this movie

I had the good fortune to see The Artist this week. I can't remember a film that's entertained me and made me think so much at the same time.

The Artist is a joint French and US endeavor and the entire movie is carried by this guy, Jean Dujardin. He deserves every accolade he gets.

Yes it's in black and white and yes, it's for the most part a silent film. However, it has a story to tell that won't quit. In addition to all of that haute film making, it has some great hoofing.

Not bad for a guy who used to be a Parisian general contractor. Would that all the building professionals I know tap danced like this.

Go see this film and if you have seen it already, let me know what you thought of it.


  1. Julie and I went to see this yesterday and we loved it!

    There was so much symbolism it is hard to describe.

    My favorite scene was when they were on the stair case. He is between floors heading down and she is heading up the stairs. Great foreshadowing!

  2. That is a great scene, one of many great scenes. Because there's no real dialogue, the director had to rely on visual cues such as the one you described. The entire film is a wonderful example of story telling and it's definitely one I'll be adding to my library as soon as it's available on DVD.

  3. Loved it. Spouse give it a big "Meh." There's no accounting for taste . . .

  4. Spouse needs to rethink his position, that movie's a masterpiece!

  5. I planned to see it based on Jean Dujardin's appearance alone, but I'm glad that it's truly a good movie. Then I won't feel so shallow! He is one of the best looking men to come along in quite some time...in my opinion, at least!

  6. You will fall in love a hundred times, I know I did. That man has the most exuberant smile I've ever seen.

  7. Well, to each his own, I guess. My wife and I absolutely love the movies. We love going together, to such an extent that if I’m watching TV by myself, and I see something being re-broadcast on TV that looks good, I’ll turn if off, get the DVD for it, and watch it with her! We also love the Academy Awards and watch as many of the nominated movies as possible prior to the awards.

    But that said, I also have to say that neither one of us cared for “The Artist,” although her assessment was harsher than my own. I gave it two stars out of four, which means “flawed, has moments.” She gave it one star, which means “desperation time.” She said the one star was for the dog! From the reviews I’d read of it, I really thought “The Artist” was going to be much more profound than it was. I thought they were going to get into what really was a problem for some of those silent movie stars. Some of them couldn’t make the transition to talkies because they had heavy accents or terrible speaking voices. They did touch on that, but only briefly.

    It does seem, though, that this movie left no one indifferent. People either love it or hate it. I respect the courage of those who made it, because they must have known that would be the way of it. And quite frankly, if I were among the group that loves it, I would probably join the choir in a rendition of, “What fools these mortals be!”


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