09 August 2011

Wood floors to drool over

I've been working on a ten-part flooring series over at Houzz.com for the last couple of weeks and have moved onto wood floors. Last week and this week are all about solid plank floors and next week I dive into the world of engineered wood floors.

As the series unfolds I'll post slides shows and links here every week and when it wraps up I'll consolidate everything into a flooring super post. In the meantime, follow the action over at Houzz.

A company that's been instrumental in my research on wood floors is BR111. They have a stunning website, complete with prices and a store locator. If you're interested to see what's available in solid wood, engineered wood, locking, bamboo and wall treatments, spend some time with BR111.

One of the things I look for in a manufacturer's website is high-quality photography and BR111 doesn't disappoint in any way. Here are a couple of their shots.

Kingsbridge Oak

Brazilian Teak

Macchiato Pecan


Thanks for being such a terrific resource BR111. Again, here's their website.


  1. Hi Paul! Thanks for introducing me to BR111. They actually have a vendor near me in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since we are somewhat rural (no-man's land between SF & LA), that's a big deal! Especially a local source for anything "exotic."
    Your post about wood floors is very timely as I've been considering engineered wood for my family room and adjoining hallways that are currently carpeted in a dreadful light tan carpet. I'm sure you can guess that this builder's special is a nightmare to keep clean in high traffic areas. UGH! The great thing about engineered wood is that my husband and I can install it ourselves. While engineered doesn't have the lifespan of solid wood, I'm sure it will outlive me. It is also going over a concrete slab --so would be the better choice anyway. The biggest problem I see here is making a choice. They are all so beautiful!

  2. Those are some of the best vendor/product flooring photos that I've ever seen!

  3. Hey Pam, thanks for the comment. I'd never heard of them until a couple of weeks ago but there are five places within a ten-mile radius of where I'm sitting that sell their stuff. I had no idea how exposed they were and their stuff's really reasonably priced too. Let me know how you and your husband do if you end up with some of their interlocking engineered flooring.

    Rachele: Ain't it the truth?!

  4. Wow Paul! I think they are really great. I prefer the last one because it really goes well with the minimalist style of the room. I have always been picky when it comes to floors that would be used at home.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful floors.. but remember that wengè and brazilian teak are both still on the IUCN red list, meaning that they're either endangered or most likely coming from non-certified logging camps.. and that can mean deforestation, poorly treated workers and displacement of native tribes.


    Just a thought. Think green!

  6. Thanks for pointing that out.


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