15 May 2011

Back to design; I love small spaces


I have a thing for small homes. It's due in large part to the fact that I live in a shoe box but I have nothing over Barcelona resident Christian Schallert. Schallert worked with architect Barbara Appolloni to turn a 24 square meter afterthought into an apartment of stunning grace and function. Check it out.


  1. LOL Love that he lives in 24 sq m but the jar of Nutella is the giant, family-size. Priorities man!

    I took in some HGTV yesterday (I know, already said 3 Hail Marys, 1 Our Father...) and the same thing I heard from these home buyers is "We like to entertain." Ugh; 99% of the time, the house is empty of everyone but those who live there.

  2. "We like to entertain" is always followed up by "We need More storage." I can't bear that network. But I love this guy's video and the jar of Nutella didn't go unnoticed.

  3. Well, for me personally, his place is much too small. I could not bear to live in such tight quarters. Ours is a 1900 square foot house, and my wife and I live in every part of it. To us it is neither too small nor too large. Well, the kitchen could be larger, but it won’t be because we’re not willing to move walls around to achieve that. But that’s our house.

    As for this one, I have to say that the architect who designed it did so to a fare-thee-well, and the cabinetry is nothing short of impeccable. I very much admire the work that has been done with this small place. Not everyone wants a big house, and not everyone needs one. Some time back I came across an American woman who married a German, and the two of them lived in a 360-square foot home in Berlin. Their kitchen was all of 40 square feet, and they remodeled it, which was what I blogged on. It was really quite fascinating to see what they had done. But damn, this one really takes living small to extremes. The cool thing about it, though, for those who would really contemplate such a thing, is that it has been thought out so well that they could get along quite well with what they have in this apartment.

  4. Bookshelf in the toilet room? Genius!

  5. That whole thing's bathed in genius ideas. I found out over the weekend that the guy who owns the apartment spent 75,000 euro on that re-do, 24,000 euro on the cabinetry alone.

  6. Kind of proves 'good things come in small packages'. -Brenda-


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