18 December 2008

I'm a glass is half-full guy

But just because I am doesn't mean the rest of the souls who people my life are. I came across this when I was Christmas shopping on the Internet last weekend.

This mug and a whole host of smart-aleky, anti-corporate merchandise are available on the website Despair, Inc. The website's laugh-out-loud funny and subversively dead on. It's almost as if the editorial staff of The Onion took over the HR department at IBM. I think the difference between this stuff and the pablum I used to have to suffer through when I was a cubicle dweller is that Despair's mugs and posters are actually communicating something.

I think it's funny funny funny and oh so appropriate for a couple people on my list. Now, if only I were in the habit of giving coffee mugs as Christmas gifts.

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