08 May 2008

Cool tile, not from Italy but from SPAIN

I am slipping and my post frequency is declining. Trust me, it's not due to a lack of interest but I'm rapidly becoming one of those loathsome people who's "too busy" to cook at home, exercise, pay attention to my kids, get enough sleep, write timely posts in my blog, ad nauseum. It will get worse before it gets better, trust me.

I'm still reeling from my tile and stone trade show from last week, and still sorting though the mountains of material I brought home with me. I spent some time talking to three guys from Vidrepur. Vidrepur is a large glass tile manufacturer from Spain and they make glass mosaic tile just like so many other companies do. The stuff's gorgeous of course but what Vidrepur represents made me stop cold. All of their mosaic tile is made from recycled glass. All of it. Even their unique-in-the-market glow-in-the-dark glass tile (I'm not kidding, there really is such a thing and it's COOL).

So the photos I'm peppering this post with tonight are images of rooms made with recycled glass. What a brilliant idea and it's something that needs to catch on. Vidrepur found a way to make a beautiful product that competes on price AND aesthetics with its conventionally-made competition. Sustainable building practices needn't be boring and they need not represent some kind of sanctimonious suffering for a greater good. Sustainable practices and materials can and should be a smart move economically and aesthetically and Vidrepur proves that. So imagine covering the walls in your bathroom, your shower floor, your kitchen back splash, etc. Imagine covering anything with something that's beautiful today but was destined for a landfill before Vidrepur gave it another chance at life. Imagine!

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