07 April 2008

More retro fun

I found this gem on another website dedicated to vintage TV ads for appliances and detergents. Man, there really is room for everybody on the Internet, isn't there? This one is a three-and-a-half minute promo from Frigidaire and I can't stop watching it. I guess that makes me a song and dance man at heart.

The appliance industry is huge and has been for a long time and it's interesting how their approach to reaching their target market has changed over the years. As someone who specifies appliances for other people every day, that industry is always sending me new stuff to get me to specify their brand above all others. I'll tell you though, the minute any of those manufacturers decide to start doing numbers like this old Frigidaire video, they will win my everlasting loyalty. I don't care who the brand is or how good the appliances are.

Frigidaire has come a long way since 1957 and has come back onto the American scene with a vengeance. Check out their website and see some of their new offerings.

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  1. Wow, dude... I love old song and dance numbers too... thought I was the only one. Your page is rad.


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