17 February 2008

A new domino effect

Somebody handed me the new issue of a magazine called "Domino" (www.dominomag.com) today. I'd never heard of it, but I think it's one I'm going to start picking up. It's a Conde Nast publication that been around for a year from the look of things; and I was surprised at its depth and range, not to mention its practical advice and resources. I am always cautious of these sorts of things. Most of the magazines in this genre exist to house ads for mediocre products and their advice consists of whatever they've been paid to say.

Not so this one. It covers a pretty wide-ranging number of design sensibilities with an emphasis on making things look like today. What got me too was that every photo in the magazine is annotated with directions on where to find the stuff in the photo. What a concept. And I mean down to the paint colors on the wall.

They have a really extensive website as well, and there is content on the website that is independent from the print version of the magaine. How very new media of them. It's useful stuff too. There is even a calculator tool to estimate how much paint you'll need to paint a room, how much wallpaper to buy if you're looking at a paper job and most interestingly, how much fabric to buy before you tackle re-upholstering a piece of furniture. Too cool! Check it out:


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