18 July 2009

Saturday morning cartoons

Oh such times were they.


  1. Honestly, I haven't thought about these things for 30 years! I retract the manure comment apology! These are great!!

  2. Is it any wonder why, as a group, generation Xers are so cynical? Look at what we grew up watching. I loved these things, "Red's Riding Hoods" in particular.

  3. Rocky and Bullwinkle was our Simpsons..there is a layer of humor only a cynical adult will get but there is something for the kids in it too. You can buy the entire DVD collection. Its our go to dvd on vacations. Favorite:the Whatsamatta U football storyline and the Fractured Fairytales.

  4. Your kids are fortunate Elizabeth. They get to be ex-pats and their cool parents treat them to Rocky and Bullwinkle. How's your plane ticket fiasco coming? Oy!

    Speaking of kids, check out the ice cream recipe and method I just posted.

    I agree, there is something appealing to kids about those cartoons. I was captivated by them. The cold war references in Rocky and Bullwinkle are fantastic now, but as a kid I just thought they were funny.

    In the early '70s, our household had a Bullwinkle Halloween costume that got passed down from kid to kid. It was one of those boxed affairs with a plastic mask and an acetate "costume" that you wore like a set of coveralls.

    Anyhow, in October of 1972 it was my brother David's turn to wear the Bullwinkle costume and without really understanding what he was doing, he grabbed a Nixon Agnew campaign button my Dad had lying around (that tells you all you need to know about the political leanings in the household where I grew up.) So David grabbed it and affixed it with pride to his chest. To this day I can't think of Bullwinkle and Rocky without thinking of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. Why oh why do I remember these things?

    Enjoy your vacation Elizabeth!

  5. I grew up also watching the old Looney Tunes cartoons and I am fairly certain that's what turned me on to classical music at such an early age. The Marriage of Figaro was burned into my psyche thanks to Elmer Fudd. Those cartoons were masterpieces in so many ways and I will always be grateful that they exposed me with music I'd have otherwise not known. And of course the acidic humor was great too!

  6. I was pretty keen on Looney Tunes too. If I had to trace my appreciation for Classical Music, it would probably end in the same place --Elmer Fudd's Marriage of Figaro.

  7. Ha, ha...thanks for my laugh of the day. Are you sure 'you' are not the creator of these cartoons? :)

  8. I wish I had that kind of a mind. Besides, these cartoons are from the early '60s and I didn't come along for another year or two after they were produced.


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